Jenny Matrix

Name: Jenny Matrix
Occupation: Actress
Likes: Ice cream fights, Boy George, deer, swimming, sandwiches (the kind of which you don’t want to know).
Dislikes: Bennett, General Franklin Kirby, pop star oriented jokes, her father, her father’s dumb accent.


Jenny Matrix would live a life of denial under the ilk of her barbarous father, John. Not only did he conceive her as a way to suppress other, less socially acceptable urges, he contrived to make her the pawn in a sexually heated game of cat-and-mouse, a laborious pantomime of sweat and muscle that would prove to be nothing but pretence.

Bennett, I’ll be back! – John Matrix

After being abducted by a band of military rebels, Jenny was left to the devices of a troop of mustachioed extras, brutes who toyed with the idea of cutting her like butter in-between twirling ballet displays that were painstakingly directed by the eager-to-impress Bennett. It was due to these distractions that Jenny was able to escape the clutches of her father’s resentful lover, becoming desperate as her hulking protector laboured on the petal-strewn battlefields. Typical of the buzz cut war machine she had grown to viciously despise, John was far too busy flexing his pecs under the strain of machine gun fire, while his longtime admirer watched on from some unseen vantage. There’s was a love of operatic proportions.

Commando 1985 deer
Jenny’s relationship with her father would drastically deteriorate.

In her father’s welcome but inevitably short-lived absence, Jenny grew to care for her captor in the most unlikely instance of Stockholm Syndrome you are ever likely to find. Allowing Bennett to vent what turned out to be shared frustrations, she quickly became his confidant as the callous complexities of her closet-dwelling father began to unravel. It was clear that Bennett was the true victim here, a fact that Jenny was eventually able to convince him of, but just when her kidnapper had seemed to turn an emotional corner, guess who came to crash the party?

You want to put the knife in me, and look me in the eye, and see what’s going on inside when you turn it! – John Matrix

Hearing the familiar drawl ‘Chenny!’ ‘Chenny!’ from somewhere in the dungeons of Arias’s South American base, Jenny felt a familiar sickness as her captor’s grip began to tighten. She knew by the twitch of Bennett’s fingers that all of his psychological advances had been undone by her father’s ‘macho bullshit’, and once again she was forced to watch as he produced his usual repertoire of high-octane innuendo, this time punctuated by a ghastly crescendo of phallic impalement. Peering down at Matrix, Jenny smiled at her murderous father. She even managed to jump around with shrill delight in the slim hope that she might avoid suffering the same fate. This was a tragic facade that would stretch on for years.

Jenny had no choice but to return home with her psychotic father.

And as for the future…

Jenny would return home to what was once a mountain idyll, a domain of chronic ill-feeling which had become little more than a caged wilderness. She would continue to feed deer and laugh at her father’s jokes, trying her utmost not to flinch whenever he attempted to smash her in the face with an ice cream. On the surface, everything was dandy.

After a few close shaves with death, Jenny would finally breathe a sigh of relief after being accepted into college and moving to the big city, but years of lies and isolation had turned her into a social outcast. Becoming more like Matrix with every passing day, Jenny would dread the monthly visits of her father, who had obviously shacked up with Bennett immediately following her departure, and who would often talk with him on the phone in her presence. ‘No!’ he would insist, giggling like a school girl. ‘How many times do I have to tell you? I will not dooo eeet,’ ending each call with his customary kiss. Afterwards, he would lie and tell Jenny that the call was from longtime admirer General Franklin Kirby, who continued to try and coax him out of military retirement. For Matrix, the games would never end.

Jenny would eventually turn to acting in an attempt to rid herself of her father’s violent stigma. She would later go on to star in the long-running teen drama Charmed.


Written by Edison Smith Editor-in-Chief

Science Fiction Writer, Horror Enthusiast, Scourge of Plutocracy, Creator of

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