VHS Revival’s Top 10 Jason Kills – Part Two

Heavily edited by the MPAA, The New Blood was tarnished by a substantial reduction in gore. Heavily dumbed-down, the deaths in this particular picture are of the more implied variety – theoretically as brutal as earlier deaths in the series, but literally dull and uninspired.

There is one death worthy of the franchise, however, and it comes in the form of Judy, another horny teen desperate for a piece of the action […]

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VHS Revival’s Top 10 Jason kills – Part One

The first kill I have opted for is that of the mentally challenged Junior, whose screen time, sparse as it is, is limited to the kind of nonsensical yammering that could drive a person crazy. Under the rule of his redneck mother Ethel, Junior revels in taunting the unhinged residents of Pinehurst Halfway House, his eccentricities too volatile for any of them to bear.

Unfortunately – or fortunately in our case […]

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