A Brief History of . . . John Matrix

Where John Matrix came from, the Communists said Rock and Roll was subversive, which not only gives credence to the origin of his English name, but also explains his dislike for all things Boy George – or ‘Gorrrl George’ as our musclebound hero refers to him.

Keeping the cold, hard-edged attitude but dumping the Commie philosophies, Matrix would use his inane charm to escape the iron curtain and rise to the very top of the US Elite forces, honouring his Capitalist […]

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A Brief History of…Jason Voorhees

From a very early age, Jason Voorhees had an axe to grind, one he would spend the rest of his life swinging. His supposedĀ death in the reeds of Camp Crystal Lake would lead to one of the most notorious mass murders in history, an act of crazed vengeance that would see his mother beheaded as a consequence.

Imagine the shock he would get after returning to his mother’s cabin following a year-long game of hide-and-go-seek […]

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