S*** happens, and who you gonna call? The Underrated Joys of Ghostbusters II

Ah, the good old cinematic staple that is the sequel.

We the viewer demand them, Hollywood the industry are more than happy to supply them. Yet more often than not, they rarely improve on or even equal the original. The usual candidates for follow-ups that are as good/better than the first are The Godfather Part II, Aliens, Lethal Weapon 2, Spider-Man 2, Batman Returns, etc. Then there are the ones that are notoriously inferior – Exorcist II, Howling II, Speed 2…the ones that often frequent Worst Films Ever lists […]

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Time to Join the Club: How The Lost Boys Started My Fascination with Horror

Which film or TV programme scared you the most as a child?

Which did you watch at too young an age, was the one that made you run out of the room when it all became too much? There are a few strong contenders for me – The Company of Wolves, Episode 3 of Doctor Who’s ‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy’, Superman III and so on – but the one that takes the top spot was a film that not many would regard as a seriously scary horror, a film that proudly showcased itself partly as a comedy. It wasn’t even an ’18’. It was The Lost Boys […]

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They Came, They Saw, They Kicked Ass: The Unbeatable Brilliance of Ghostbusters

On Saturday, 26th of December 1987 the UK terrestrial premiere of Ivan Reitman’s 1984 blockbuster Ghostbusters was very much a big deal.

I won’t lie, it blew my six-year old mind. My main memories of that first viewing are mostly of scenes in the second half, especially the spectacular, mad climax where, among other wild and fantastic occurrences, a gigantic marshmallow man was accidentally willed […]

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We’re ‘Cohen’ to the Movies: King Cohen and the Story of a True Maverick

I’ve been thinking – when was the last time one of Larry Cohen’s films was screened on terrestrial TV?

I’m not counting Phone Booth, the brilliantly simple and super-tense Joel Schumacher thriller from 2002 that he wrote. No, I mean a proper, legit Larry Cohen-directed film. There are more than a few out there. Blimey, was it really around twenty or so years ago, when Channel 5, in its infant years, screened Q: The Winged Serpent on a Saturday night? It might be. I remember […]

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