Character Battles – Martin Riggs vs John McClane

It is a wholly ridiculous concept, but who hasn’t pondered a hypothetical battle between two of their favourite movie stars, particularly when they possess similar personalities and attributes. We have already had Freddy vs Jason and Alien vs Predator, and while those movies sucked beyond comprehension, it didn’t stop us from flocking to the movies in our legions.

Part of the reason why we fail to accept these crossover extravaganzas is that they answer questions that don’t need answering […]

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A Heartfelt Letter to Hollywood

2017 began as a year filled with promise and the chance to start anew, but alas, you did not get the memo.

I don’t know if you were mourning the demise of Brangelina or were simply being lazy, but apparently this is turning into the year of the sequel. Trust me, originality is not dead. There are plenty of writers out there creating incredible stories. In her old age, Tinseltown is becoming complacent. She no longer looks to find new talent […]

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VHS Revival’s Quotes which Define Characters

Whenever we speak fondly of a particular character, what is it that immediately comes to mind?

Sometimes it might be an action or an expression or some other physical detail that sets them apart, but more often than not it is the words that they use and how they use them. Dialogue is everything to a character, because for most of us words are the primary source of communication, and through them we are able to further understand a subject’s personality and motives […]

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5 Essential Christmas Movies from the VHS era

For those whose childhood preceded the release of this Chris Columbus festive vehicle, Home Alone might be perceived as just another in a long line of silly seasonal movies, but for those whose prepubescence coincided with its release, and even for those generations of kids who would follow, the cultural impact of this cute little package cannot be underestimated.

Macaulay Culkin gives a star turn as the impervious little tyke who not only survives Christmas by himself, but also manages to […]

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Welcome to the Party, Pal: Die Hard and Cinema’s Most Relatable Action Hero

What more can be said about Die Hard which hasn’t been said already? Not much, but I’ll say it anyway.

Not only is it the greatest action movie of the ’80’s, it is perhaps the greatest ever put to celluloid. Before John McClane, action stars were larger-than-life superheroes whose hypermasculity flexed in the face of cartoon tyranny. A year earlier, director John McTiernan had cast musclebound archetype and global superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role of Predator […]

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