Freddy Krueger’s Top 10 Kills – Part Two

Welcome back, bitches!

Welcome to the conclusion of our two part series, as VHS Revival ventures into the ethereal netherworld of Fred Krueger, one of horrors most iconic and enduring characters. Back in 1984, Old Pizza Face revitalised the slasher genre as a razor-fingered child killer with the unprecedented advantage of being able to inhabit ones dreams, offering fans of the macabre a potentially unlimited canvas of death and destruction in a sub-genre dry on ideas…

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VHS Revival’s Quotes which Define Characters 2

Whenever we speak fondly of a particular character, what is it that immediately comes to mind?

Sometimes it might be an action or an expression or some other physical detail that sets them apart, but more often than not it is the words that they use and how they use them. Dialogue is everything to a character, because for most of us words are the primary source of communication, and through them we are able to further understand a subject’s personality and motives; we are able to communicate with them on a whole other level…

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VHS Reboots: A Nightmare on Elm Street

There are some productions, however, that are destined to fail; movies where artistry is so peripheral that those involved barely have a chance to make their mark. I’m talking about modern studio remakes, those films which serve no other purpose than to slash expenditure by saving on promotion and advertising. There’s nothing financially safer than a studio rehash, and as a consequence nothing lazier…

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