The Immortalizer (1989)

Move over, Dr Frankenstein, there’s a new re-animator in town.

His name is Dr Devine, and in his business a mishmash of body parts will not suffice. Everybody has dreamed of eternal youth, but for those who are uninterested in being turned into a plastic zombie, our crazed innovator has dreamed up a mind-boggling alternative – providing you are hideously wealthy and bereft of all human emotion […]

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The Karate Kid Part III (1989)

The mark of a good sequel is that it offers elements which are new and rewarding.

The first Karate Kid movie was one of the surprise hits of 1985, and one that famous critic Roger Ebert correctly predicted would earn itself a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the 56th Annual Academy Awards ceremony, much to the mocking delight of fellow reviewer and long-time competitor Gene Siskel […]

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Miami Connection (1987)

After almost three decades of obsolescence cult martial arts movie Miami Connection was rescued from obscurity by Drafthouse Films, a heaven-sent distribution company who claim to ‘destroy the barriers between grindhouse and art-house’ – and let me be the first to thank them.

Miami Connection is that age-old story of an ’80s syth rock band who spend their spare time taking down international drug syndicates with some everyday street-bound Taekwondo […]

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