A Brief History of . . . Jenny Matrix

Jenny Matrix would live a life of denial under the ilk of her barbarous father, John. Not only did he conceive her as a way to suppress other, less socially acceptable urges, he contrived to make her the pawn in a sexually heated game of cat-and-mouse, a laborious pantomime of sweat and muscle that would prove to be nothing but pretence. After being abducted by a band of military rebels, Jenny was left to the devices of a troop of mustachioed extras […]

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Intestinal Fortitude: The Conceptual Magic of Innerspace

Innerspace is a buddy movie with a difference.

In an era of franchise reboots, prequels and sequels, watching this made me pine for a period when filmmakers were still free to be creative, when producers were less inclined to play it safe by exhausting the successes of others. The movie is directed by Joe Dante and presented by none other than Stephen Spielberg. The two had previously collaborated to promote another unique picture in Gremlins, and like that movie you could very much imagine Spielberg himself behind the camera […]

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A Brief History of . . . Bennett

After years of sexual oppression, sloppy S&M exhibitionist Bennett would join the US elite forces and acquire the deadly skills required to exact revenge on the world. Little did he know that he would fall head-over-heels with hulking brute John Matrix, the two of them delighting in everyday macho bullshit while Bennett’s blade twinkled in the moonlight.

For a brief period, Bennett would enjoy taking orders from his leader – it was a part of his kinky Modus Operandi […]

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