Early NES Black Box Art 2

Continuing the topic of the early Nintendo black box titles and their box art, I wanted to quickly highlight a few more from some of the other series that really caught my attention in the 80s, such as the light gun, programmable and arcade series.

Arcade series games were self-explanatory. These were familiar titles with the exception of Donkey Kong 3, that I had enjoyed in arcades prior to the arrival of the NES. However, the light gun and programmable series were a bit of a mystery to me. I had never before used a light gun in any form or fashion and the concept of aiming a plastic toy gun at a television screen and having it respond to your actions seemed like something out of a science fiction movie […]

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Early NES Box Art – The Black Box Titles: Part 1

Nintendo Power was an enormous resource when it came to helping NES owners determine what games were worth buying, renting, or better off skipping entirely.

However, not everyone was blessed enough to be a Nintendo Power subscriber, and there were very few other ways to determine a game’s potential attributes. The existence of online playthroughs and reviews that showed actual gameplay footage would still be decades away. Today, you can watch games being played, you can hear the music and in-game sound effects, and you can browse dozens of unbiased online reviews. There’s really no excuse for any modern gamer to purchase a game that might completely take them by surprise […]

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Retro Gaming Archives – Nintendo Edition: July/August 1987

The summer of 1987 proved quite the landmark season for a certain gray toaster-shaped home video game console.

By the summer of ’87, the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, was wildly outselling both the Sega Master System and the Atari 7800. Their technique of positioning the console as more of a toy (thanks R.O.B., your job is done here) got them in the retailer’s doors but it was the software that kept the system on the shelves throughout 1986 and the first half of 1987 […]

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System Spotlight – Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

I am not going to bore anyone with previously well documented historical details, facts, stats and the like for Nintendo’s first home gaming console, the Nintendo Entertainment System.

There are hundred of blogs, webpages, YouTube channels and even hardcover books devoted to this iconic console. Everyone already understands the NES’s impact on video gaming, the reviving of the home video game market and the plethora of iconic games that have stood the test of time 30 years or more after their release […]

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