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Darkman (1990)

As comic book adaptations go, Sam Raimi’s Darkman released in 1990, on the back of an inspired marketing campaign that queried the origin of the character by posing the question ‘Who Is Darkman?’ was one of the most interesting of the era. This was despite the fact it was scripted from an original story idea by The Evil Dead helmer as opposed to an actual comic book from the period it pays homage to.

Drawing on the Universal horror movies of the 1930s, in particular the celebrated oeuvre of James Whale, as well as The Shadow, The Phantom of the Opera and a veritable glut of monster and comic book staples, the film would […]

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Halloween Resurrection (2002)

Much has been made about what New Line Cinema did to the Friday the 13th franchise.

In their pursuit of a money-spinning Freddy vs Jason crossover they ignored the key ingredient of the series: simple repetition. The Friday the 13th was the first horror series to make the ‘more of the same’ concept key to its success, but with their body-swapping debut Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday all that went out of the window. Some feel their second effort Jason X was another insult to the Paramount formula, while others disagree. Whatever you may think, though it shot Jason into space and tried something novel for the most part it went back to basics and retained many of the ingredients that made the original series a success. The same can not be said about Dimension Films […]

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Early NES Box Art 3 – The Gold & Silver Experience

Nintendo phased out their aesthetically pleasing but uniformly basic looking black box designs in early 1987 after the release of Pro Wrestling, Slalom and Volleyball that Spring.

They served their purpose by showcasing an honest representation of what the game’s graphics actually looked like as opposed to those beautifully drawn yet comically inaccurate Atari game boxes. That doesn’t mean Nintendo was completely done with the concept of categorizing their games into a series to help clarify the style of gameplay for each title. What eventually fell by the wayside, besides the black box design, was the color coding aspect that was assigned to each game series category. This color coding was used for both the series icon on the box cover and the game’s title printed on the cover and the sides of the box. These color coded titles made for a really clean look when […]

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