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Revisiting…The Naked Gun Trilogy

Airplane will always be the original Zucker/Abrahams absurdity, and there were a few other notable efforts in-between, but for me The Naked Gun is the pinnacle of their deadpan genius, and there is nothing you can suggest that will ever change my mind.

There are perhaps a number of reasons for my particular bias, but the most telling is the fact that I saw The Naked Gun long before I did its puerile predecessor, and by the time I got around to finally seeing Airplane – of which I had acquired lofty expectations – the comedy seemed just a little watered down by comparison…

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Intruder (1989)

Intruder is something of an anomaly.

Made at the tail-end of the 1980s, it was released long after the MPAA had stepped in to curtail the wanton bloodlust of the slasher boom, an imposition on civil liberties that would lead to years of the kind of tepid horror that would turn the genre stale. Just as Jason Voorhees was setting sail for Manhattan in perhaps the most censored of an ever-diluting formula, director Scott Spiegel let rip with his supermarket splatterfest of ingeniously depraved proportions…

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Revisiting…Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Upon its release, Dawn of the Dead was dismissed by many as a mindless exercise in gore and violence, and it’s easy to see why.

In many respects, that’s exactly what the movie is: a fun, comic book-style splatterfest, which relishes in a plethora of creative kills at a time when the manner of a character’s death was somewhat peripheral. Since ‘Dawn’, horror has waded through so much blood and viscera that even the most prudish of movie goers have developed at least some level of desensitisation, while others have become so numbed out that they are drawn to explicit violence the way Romero’s zombies are drawn to living flesh…

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