VHS Reboots: Rob Zombie’s Halloween (2007)

Michael Myers is a very precious character indeed.

Of all the horror villains in all the franchises, his handling has proven the most difficult, a fact made apparent by a quarter of a century of underwhelming sequels. John Carpenter’s Halloween was a masterpiece of low-budget filmmaking, one of those magical movies where everything came together at just the right time. It was sparse, carefully controlled and oozed foreboding. Most importantly, it didn’t carry […]

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This Month in…80s Halloween Special

October 24th would see the release of sleazoid classic Motel Hell, which would take on the seemingly impossible task of lampooning Tobe Hooper’s grungy horror classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and would achieve as much with atypical aplomb. Director Kevin Connor’s first masterstroke was to cast 50s Western genre star Rory Calhoun as the titular hotel’s cannibal-endorsing owner/manager, resulting in the kind of juxtapose that sets the movie’s inimitable tone. His second was to cast Porky’s alumni Nancy […]

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15 Movies to Watch Again This Halloween

It’s almost that time of year and scare junkies are pondering which movies are worthy of their annual Halloween frightfest. Perhaps you will delve into your classics collection this time around, or maybe there is something new on your ghoulish agenda. Is this a year for lesser-known titles, for foreign language horror or sequels that didn’t quite live up to their genesis? Perhaps there is a particular franchise that is just screaming out for a late night marathon. Choosing is all part of the fun […]

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This Boy’s Knife: Ranking the Original Halloween Series

In the weird and wonderful annals of horror filmmaking, few have left a cultural impression quite like Michael Myers. In the hand’s of creator John Carpenter, Haddonfield’s most infamous offspring was a colossal figure: patient, elusive and as swift and brutal as they come.

Down the years, it all got just a little bit silly, but in spite of The Shape’s dwindling mystique we followed him through thick and thin, hoping that […]

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