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Are you a fan of retro cinema? Do your opinions burst forth like so many reams of chewed up videotape? If so, writing for us may be the perfect platform for your particular passions. VHS Revival is an ode to the halcyon days of home video, and everything – good or bad – which belongs to that period. 

This is currently a non-profit venture, so we are unable to pay for contributions, but all writers will be credited with a short bio where you can promote anything from your own website to…well, whatever you desire within the realms of common decency.

Feature Articles

We’re looking for features on any and all subjects, be that in-depth analysis, a best of list, or anything else you might consider appropriate for our site. There is no pressure in regards to deadlines. You can contribute as much or as little as you want, whenever you want. It is entirely up to you.


Reviews must be written to fit specific criteria, so please refer to the website’s content for an idea of what we publish. VHS Revival has two different review formats. Revisiting takes a look at critically acclaimed or much cherished movies. These reviews are informative and analytical when necessary, but mainly get to the heart of the movie and its characters.

Our Classic and Cult reviews are a little bit different. They celebrate movies synonymous with the period, often using a more playful and acerbic style. As far as we’re concerned, ‘bad’ movies have just as much to offer as those which are considered masterpieces. Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers is just as likely to receive our praise as Blade Runner. Are the two comparable? No. But that is precisely the point. Based on what each movie sets out to achieve, they can both be considered triumphs.

The Do’s and Don’ts

We do not publish the kind of intense deconstruction that might alienate a broader audience. You should be analytical when necessary, but our job is to entertain, not to isolate. You should be critical when necessary, but also constructive with those criticisms. We don’t want to hear how bad everything is. If you have wholly negative opinions in regards to a movie, then review something else. Whether something is considered a failure or not, filmmakers should be respected for their efforts, and every movie has something positive to offer, even when excelling in ineptitude. 

We do not want a scene-by-scene account of a movie’s plot. A basic summation should be accompanied by opinions and insights. Why was this film great? What and who made it great? Could the movie have been improved upon? And if so, how? 

Oh, and we do not want to know how the movie ends. 

Cult and Classic movies have Best Kill, Most Absurd Moment, and Most Absurd Dialogue sections. Any spoilers should be kept within those boundaries. If there are ridiculous moments – bad acting, lousy editing, obvious bloopers – we want to know about it. These movies are ‘so bad they’re good’. We criticise not as heartless cynics, but with an appreciative wink. 

The main requirements are passion and insight, as well as the ability to structure a legible and relevant article. Although your work will be edited before publication, we want to try to retain as much of the author’s content as possible, so a good standard of writing will prove an advantage – but again, passion and insight are key.

If you are interested in contributing, you can pitch your idea to vhsrevival.com@gmail.com or if you have an article you consider to be of relevance that is ready to publish, feel free to paste it into the body of an email for review. If we feel that your article is suitable for our site, we will get back to you within a week.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Cedric Smarts


VHS Revival is a non-profit venture. Any donation, no matter how small, will help towards the site’s running costs and ultimately enable us to grow. Thank you.
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