Freddy Krueger’s Top 10 Kills – Part One

Hello, bitches!

Welcome to the first of a two part series, as VHS Revival ventures into the ethereal netherworld of Fred Krueger, one of horrors most iconic and enduring characters. Back in 1984, Old Pizza Face revitalised the slasher genre as a razor-fingered child killer with the unprecedented advantage of being able to inhabit one’s dreams, offering fans of the macabre a potentially unlimited canvas of death and destruction […]

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The Death of a Monster: 2010’s A Nightmare on Elm Street

I don’t consider myself a critic; personally I resent the term.

In spite of a movie’s inadequacies there is usually much to admire, or if not at least some potential on offer. For every cinematic faux pas there is an ingenious turn of direction or standout performance. Someone, somewhere, will make the most of a bad situation.

There are some productions, however, that are destined to fail […]

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