VHS Reboots: Rob Zombie’s Halloween (2007)

Michael Myers is a very precious character indeed.

Of all the horror villains in all the franchises, his handling has proven the most difficult, a fact made apparent by a quarter of a century of underwhelming sequels. John Carpenter’s Halloween was a masterpiece of low-budget filmmaking, one of those magical movies where everything came together at just the right time. It was sparse, carefully controlled and oozed foreboding. Most importantly, it didn’t carry […]

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Blood on the Dance Floor: The Brazen Splendour of Saturday Night Fever

If the 1960’s gave birth to civil rights, then the following decade provided the fallout.

By the time the Vietnam War came to an end in 1975, the counterculture movement had all but dissolved, but American society had changed irrevocably, giving birth to a generation with different beliefs and aspirations. Citizens were unwilling to advocate war based on patriotism alone, and for many the Catholic church would become an outmoded burden […]

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VHS Reboots: A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

I don’t consider myself a critic; personally I resent the term.

In spite of a movie’s inadequacies there is usually much to admire, or if not at least some potential on offer. For every cinematic faux pas there is an ingenious turn of direction or standout performance. Someone, somewhere, will make the most of a bad situation.

There are some productions, however, that are destined to fail […]

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