Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)

It took producers a whole year to renege on Friday the 13th’s promise that part IV would indeed be the final chapter, and the $22,000,000 it raked in – more than ten times its allocated budget – tells you exactly why.

Jason was far too big a draw to put to bed in 1984, and you have to believe that the studio was aware of this; in all likelihood, Jason’s demise was nothing more than a cynical marketing gimmick […]

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VHS Revival’s Top 10 Jason Kills – Part Two

Heavily edited by the MPAA, The New Blood was tarnished by a substantial reduction in gore. Heavily dumbed-down, the deaths in this particular picture are of the more implied variety – theoretically as brutal as earlier deaths in the series, but literally dull and uninspired.

There is one death worthy of the franchise, however, and it comes in the form of Judy, another horny teen desperate for a piece of the action […]

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VHS Revival’s Top 10 Jason kills – Part One

The first kill I have opted for is that of the mentally challenged Junior, whose screen time, sparse as it is, is limited to the kind of nonsensical yammering that could drive a person crazy. Under the rule of his redneck mother Ethel, Junior revels in taunting the unhinged residents of Pinehurst Halfway House, his eccentricities too volatile for any of them to bear.

Unfortunately – or fortunately in our case […]

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Friday the 13th part VII: The New Blood (1988)

The New Blood is a mutilation of a movie, and not as a result of Jason himself, but because of the Motion Picture Association of America, who hacked away the majority of the gore and set out to castrate the franchise forever.

Because of this the movie is particularly bland. Forget the total lack of dramatic tension and technical ingenuity; more disconcerting is the complete lack of good, honest gore […]

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Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (1986)

The last time we saw Jason Voorhees his head was sliding along the edge of a machete.

That particular instalment was advertised as The Final Chapter, and although Part V stayed true to the studio’s promise by introducing a copycat killer, you never really believed it was the end for the madman in the hockey mask. There was simply too much money at stake […]

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A Brief History of…Jason Voorhees

From a very early age, Jason Voorhees had an axe to grind, one he would spend the rest of his life swinging. His supposed death in the reeds of Camp Crystal Lake would lead to one of the most notorious mass murders in history, an act of crazed vengeance that would see his mother beheaded as a consequence.

Imagine the shock he would get after returning to his mother’s cabin following a year-long game of hide-and-go-seek […]

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